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  • Avoiding Walking/Running Injuries

      Warm up, cool down, and take time to stretch before and after exercise.  Slowly ease into your routine.  Increase the intensity in small amounts whe...

  • Tips for Safe Snow Shovelling

      Snow is heavy!  We are often in a hurry to shovel the snow and forget how strenuous this activity can be.   Remember that shovelling is vigorous exe...

  • Neck Stretches

     Stretching should not be an aggressive activity.  Unlike weightlifting, your goal is not to push or pull a heavy object, but rather to relax and let ...


  • Dr. Wysotski’s Top 10 Weight loss tips

    1.  Eat when you are hungry:  Don’t wait until you are starving (this only encourages you to eat more than you should).  Eat until you are no longer h...

  • Nature's Super Food

      Muesli has been a staple of many European countries for generations and has existed in cultures all across the planet in various forms.  The most co...

  • Chocolate Mascarpone

      Have you ever had a desert that pretended to be something it wasn’t?  It is my opinion that dessert should be something you enjoy as a special treat...

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